When The Horn Blows – Music review #6

My review for ‘Harbour’ by Belfast band New Pagans has been published today by When The Horn Blows. Listening to the track was my first exposure to the group and I was particularly impressed by Lyndsey Dougall’s provocative lyrics which show a commendable degree of introspection. Here is an extract from my thoughts on the track:

From newly released EP ‘The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All’ comes ‘Harbour’, a grungy, ferociously feminist single by Belfast’s New Pagans – and pregnancy has never sounded so punk.

Bringing new life into the world is an oft-romanticised subject in art, but lead vocalist Lyndsey Dougall doesn’t hide the corporeal or psychological realities of her experience as a mother behind veiled romanticism.

Against a canvas of distorted, grungy guitars and galloping drums, Dougall’s lyrics are raw and stark, revealing vignettes like “Posing for him, tearing my skin, I might give up and throw you out.”

The singer’s background and interest in pagan mysticism is most apparent as she chants “Harbour, sustain, take, resist, bear and carry, recoil and suffer.” The song is an interesting blend of old and new, something which characterises New Pagans; much of the band’s charm is bound up in their blending of ancient spiritual allusions with the aesthetics of the post-punk, indie rock and new wave movements.”

You can read the rest of the review here: https://whenthehornblows.com/content/2021/3/25/new-pagans-harbour